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COM 3 INC has been creating the bridge between Clients, Agencies and Producers for 25 years. 

Haven’t heard of us before? That’s because we usually work quietly behind the scenes for major agencies and select corporate clients.  We are all about making you the buyer the hero and not taking all the glory for ourselves. 


Imagine your own full service supply chain offering a vast array of cutting edge production solutions in all three categories of Print, Promotional and Packaging all delivered at trade pricing and lightning speed. 


We are problem solvers of all things Print, Promotional and Packaging.

Our facilities are global, we are complied with the highest industry standards and we are environmentally progressive.


We are thinkers; makers and we absolutely love a challenge.

If you can dream it be assured that we can produce it for you here, there or anywhere.


Whatever it is you need to produce we are the producer.

Custom branded anything’s to custom printed everything’s!




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30 Intermodal Dr. Unit 30,

Brampton, ON, CA, L6T 5K1

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